Infectious Disease      Inflammation    Drug Discovery

Our research involves the discovery and exploitation of novel biophysical methods for characterising molecular pathways involved in disease, and for rapid in vitro and ex vivo diagnosis of disease, with an emphasis on viral and bacterial infections.

We have a major effort on rational design and development of novel antibiotics active against drug-resistant pathogens, in particular those responsible for hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA and NDM-1 bacteria.

We are also developing cell-specific 'tags' to deliver drugs to the right target, focusing initially on antibiotics and then extending the approach to anti-cancer drugs.

We have a strong translational research focus in all of our project areas and work on those indications in which there is a clear commercial case and market need for innovative and disruptive solutions.  Many of the research team have significant experience in both academia and industry, with past projects leading to products on the market today. We collaborate with government agencies and companies locally in Australia and internationally in the US, UK, and Europe.